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Майли Сайрус - Jaded

Майли Сайрус - Jaded

Майли Сайрус  -  Jaded
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  • Длительность: 03:05
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-03-10 10:00:01
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Miley Cyrus - Jaded

I don't wanna call and talk too long

I know it was wrong, but never said I was sorry

Now I've had time to think it over

We're much older and the bone's too big to bury

Oh, isn't it a shame that it ended like that?

Said goodbye forever, but you never unpacked

We went to Hell, but we never came back

I'm sorry that you're jaded

I could've taken you places

You're lonely now and I hate it

I'm sorry that you're jaded

You're not even willin' to look at your part

You just jump in the car and head down to thе bar 'til you're blurry

Don't know when to stop, so you take it too far

I don't know whеre you are and I'm left in the dark 'til I'm worried

Ooh, and it hurts me
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