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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Free Meechy

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Free Meechy

YoungBoy Never Broke Again  -  Free Meechy
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  • Длительность: 02:30
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-05-13 16:42:01
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Текст песни
(Any Last Words)
What, what what what
Nigga yeah
Bow, bow, bow

Tell 'em check me out now
Know I got that shit in me
Know I got my Glock out
Say that they gon' get at me
Murder, know that that be my town
Try to slang that stick at me
Try to send a bitch to me
Ima send her right back up in pieces
I'm on three R's, call that Reese's Pieces
Gravedigger, no Jesus pieces
Beef with me and it ain't no sleepin'
Murder, until we get even
That's on God, got my bitch behind me
Plenty sticks inside this car
I pray the law don't get behind me
Gon' send me straight to Rikers Island
Said lil' bitch, I'm 'bout it
You ain't kill shit, you ain't wack nothin'
Know we got plenty bodies
Come from the slums, ridin' in a bucket
Now we four door slidin'
With 30 sticks off in this bitch
I want a nigga for to trip
I up and shoot from off the hip, bang
Gang know that what I bang
Green flags, got everything
Shorty bad, she insane
She just want to give me brain
But can't be my main
You know I got a savage bitch, don't trip
She let me thug with the chick who stayed down with me
Play I swang around this bitch, like I'm playin' baseball
Can't get no xans, Klonopins, I'm rollin' off them footballs
Make me foot y'all, what that mean? Step on him
Dirty motherfucker, smash him then we rep off him

Ooh (It's Lil Top, It's Lil Top)
Bullets do a flip, youngin' tryna blues him
Ooh (It's Lil Top, It's Lil Top)
Hold on, kill that bitch and tell his mama, haha
(Who they can't stop, Who they can't stop)
Bet you miss him

Drinkin' out the bottle, sleepin' with my choppa (Mhm)
I mix tobacco with my mojo, know the Devil got me (Hm)
I'm with XO, runnin' eps about my ex ho
That's a dog ho, tryna put me back on child support
I got money now, and I'm on that thirty million flow
Hundred thousand dollars, sittin' right there on top the bed pole
My lil' bitch a model
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