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Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar - America Has A Problem (Remix)

Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar - America Has A Problem (Remix)

Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar - America Has A Problem (Remix)
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  • Длительность: 04:21
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-05-20 11:25:02
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Текст песни
Terror line watcher, pgLang collar, 9-11 slider
Look at my garages, synced up
Get the genie out the bottle and point it at any model
What, what, what, ayy, what
Go Stink, fuck it up, go Stink, fuck it up
Go Stink, that's what's up, go Stink, I'm in love
Hey boo-boo, too much complexity to love me from goo-goo
My momma told me that the money outgrew you
My horoscope said I'm really out my noodle
I'm troublin', I'm puzzlin', it's sudoku
Say B, yes, America got a problem
Geeked up, choosin' love, or they chose violence
Universal, please don't play possum
I'm a business man doin' as follow
Truthfully I be lyin' in my rap song
'Causе I always fail to mention I'll snap homie
His career didn't come with no lifе insurance
Hope his day one fans got some facts on him
I'm an honorary Beyhive
Let's see why them diamonds don't be fly, they all CGI
You better get it off your chest like breast reduction
If she stressed over you, she stressed for nothin'
Hold up, wait a minute
Even AI gotta practice clonin' Kendrick
The double entendre, the encore remnants
I bop like tin men, the opps need ten men
(Alpha) Billboard (Riders), they know
(Bustas) not to hold (Lotta), rightfully so
(Coacher) Simmer down (Regatta), I go
(They got us) I go

Heard you got that D for me
Pray your love is deep for me
I'ma make you go weak for me
Make you wait a whole week for me (For me)
I see you watching, fiending
I know you want it, scheming
I know you need it, drug lord
You want it on you? Don't I know
You need love, I need some too
Do you want this like it wants you?
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