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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - I Heard

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - I Heard

YoungBoy Never Broke Again  -  I Heard
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-05-13 16:46:01
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Текст песни
Woah (K4 produced it)
Woah (Skeeo, this shit crazy, fool)
Six in the mornin' (Free my brother)
I say, look, ayy, it's Lil Top, nigga
My team in the hood die 'bout me
Look, look

Look, I'm up at six in the mornin'
I told my bitch pull up on me
I heard them hitters they on me
My army not sleepin' for nothin'
Creep up and run down on somethin'
I heard they say that they thuggin'
I heard they said I was pussy
I said don't try me for nothin'
I heard
I heard a pussy nigga got hit up with that blick, he couldn't do shit, wasn't with that shit
I heard a nigga got swerved out and he was with his bitch, that ho got hit
I heard [*cough*] last breath comin' from that bitch

I heard you don't like me, I don't like you neither, nigga
How the fuck you claim you won't fight me? Bitch, I'm a killer
All white tee, some Nike slippers and a pistol, I'm too realer
Most nights five, I don't even sleep behind my motherfuckin' nigga
They been rappin', I'ma zip 'em, put that on Dave
Take off his face, look in his eyes, how I was raised
I'm on frontline inside these days, yeah
Bitch, bang your gang 'cause I know I'm gon' do the same
Come snatch my chain, I'll bust your brain, shoot up your whole funeral in vain
Mama, I weigh just like a hundred pounds, somehow I still been stayin' strong
Unhealthy in this shit, I been gettin' wealthy in this shit
I got a wife, at night she hold me down, but if my money up, then gone
Got me back up in the North, I barely made it out that bitch
I say ooh, yeah
Put shit on the news
Drop shit with that chopstick, let that bitch hit, go boom
They ain't tell you I pop shit, tell 'em go watch the news
And I say ooh, come on, huh
Put shit on the news
Dirty thirty, this my stick, pop shit, can't move
Bitch, I'm pullin' up with that mop stick, bullets flyin' out the room
I have 'em swang back, they do shit dirty, can't trust 'em, they keep me worried
Cut throat 'em, they all deserve it, I say fuck 'em, I say fuck 'em
I see them plottin', they throw, I curve it
I just sit back, watch, I observe it
I, I see these bitch niggas they claimin' that they love me
I held it down from top to bottom
These hoes be laughin' at my trauma
I say I got serious problems, I say I wanna kill somebody, bitch
Snaked by ones I love and it's fucked up, but ain't your problem
Look, I barely trust my mama, I say I ain't got nobody, bitch
Fuck nigga, I'll kill you once and I wish I could twice
Tell 'em close they fuckin' mouth, they don't know shit about my life
But a nigga that I merked, or a ho I did wrong or right
Nigga, I'm rich, so suck my dick, I don't give a fuck about no stripes
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