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Kali - Area Codes

Kali  -  Area Codes
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  • Длительность: 02:19
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-05-17 21:24:01
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Текст песни
got a white boy on my roster
he be feeding me pasta and lobster
he just hit me up on tuesday like, "what you doing, bae?
let me take you shoppin'" (brr)
i told him, "well, i'm a little busy" (damn)
he said, "damn, i'm in your city (fuck)
but anyway, it's okay, hope you have a good day
i'ma send you 'bout eight fifty" (ooh)
then i told him, "you treat me so well"
he said, "cash app or zelle? (ching)
matter of fact, scratch that, i'ma send you a stack
just cause you fine as hell"
and i told him, "well, thank you, baby" (thank you)
"anything for my favorite lady" (ooh)
well, i gotta go, they just let me know
that i could pick up my mercedes (skrrt)

i got hoes (might just be your nigga)
in different area codes (he know what's up)
everywhere i go (every time i pop out)
i call and they drop the lo' (come drop that fuckin' location)
'cause i got hoes (might just be your bitch)
in different area codes (she know what's up)
some of 'em bros (could be your daddy)
and i'm big pimpin' 'cause they know (they know what's up)

got a nigga, yeah, he from the trap (ooh)
he low-key, yeah, he stay off the map (uh-huh)
anytime i need some money, he say pull up
'cause it gotta be cash (cash)
pushed up, he designered down (down)
he like, "bae, you ain't ever around (nah)
what nigga i gotta put up in the dirt
'cause why you ain't ever in town?"
i'm outta the way with pablo (yeah)
this nigga swear that he el chapo
he know not to play in my face
yeah, i swear it's hard for him to keep my calm, ho (on god)
he be tweakin' 'cause he ain't my vato (nah)
in his pockets like i hit the lotto (ching)
i'ma get to this money, it's fuck these niggas
that's forever the motto (fuck 'em)
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