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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Fuck The Industry Pt. 2

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Fuck The Industry Pt. 2

YoungBoy Never Broke Again  -  Fuck The Industry Pt. 2
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-05-13 16:48:02
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Текст песни
Top say "Fuck these niggas all in the industry"
Bitch-ass niggas be clickin' up and thinkin' they gon' finish me
Bitch, I take these millions and get at you, it ain't no gettin' me
Bitch, I send them hitters to hit at you, boy, don't say shit to me
Talk to Drake, cross FaceTime, he wasn't feelin' me
Told me that he fuck with Durk, damn, that shit gettin' to me
Told me that he like the shit I'm doin', but can't do shit with me
So when we cross our ways, fuck what you say, bitch, you my enemy
J a ho', that nigga played it cold, like he was gon' do a feature
So I texted his line, a muscle sign, I swear it's gon' be nice to meet you
Pussy niggas tryna close the door
Bitch, you ain't heard back from Baton Rouge, to that Nola, we cutthroat
And we hate hoes, and bitch, I'm soldiered down
Might play you close, but don't fuck around
I just tried to pull that act with them boys out that Atlanta town
Tats all on my sleeve, at night, I can't sleep, I barely eat, grew up in streets
Bitch, you ain't never had to kill at just eighteen, you don't compare to me
And never ever up in life, we could compete
You want to jump in beef and none of y'all wanna bang it out with YB
We kill security first and then you get your head bust inside the street
We probably burn a shirt, across it, it'll be your face across that tee

Hold on, so long, they've been tryin' to X me
Gotta tell a bitch "Hold on, get you roll on"
Gotta be 'bout that murder, playin' with me
At night, my wife pray with me, these niggas ain't stainin' me
I say "Oh, I just wanna get 'em gone" and I know when the rain pours
It could be me or either of them, that's gone
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